Botox Results

In the last section on Botox, I discussed how the product is administered.  Now let’s see what happens.  After receiving the treatment, the patient will notice gradual weakening of the treated area.  Over a 10-14 day period the full effect sets in.  The patient sees much less movement and wrinkles soften a bit.  If the upper face is treated, it is not uncommon to see elevation of the eye brows; the Botox “Brow Lift.”

The Botox effect is temporary.  Movement can be seen returning gradually.  At three months, full movement has returned and it is time to retreat.  When the patient receives treatment every three months, even deep wrinkles continue to soften and in most cases, disappear.  With regular treatment, the wrinkles of skin motion are minimized and a more youthful appearance is achieved.

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